The Uniqueness Of Music As A Work Of Art

Music is one of the most unique works of art. Each of the lyrics and tone has its meaning. Even a song can also melt someone’s heart. Music can make us remember the moments with our partner, family, friends or maybe make you remember when we were on vacation. Music has a variety of genres, there are romantic, jazz to rock, and of course many more. Those of you who like rock songs must have reasons why you like the song and in this case, everyone will have different reasons. You who like music or even you are a music lover, you might like this song The song sung by Phantom Planet is one example of a song that is quite famous in California and even this song will be able to remind you of your memories when you were in Uncle Sam’s country.

Apart from that, music is believed to have enough power to influence our lives. Even music can be representative of what we are feeling. But of course not only that because music can also be part of a culture which will never be separated from the values of life that exist in society. With music, we will get a means of communication in dealing with the community. As we know that music has a universal nature that will be able to create peace, combine differences, and so on. Thus, we can see that music can be a medium of communication between humans.

With music as a medium of communication that is easier to understand, although there are indeed some lyrics from music that are also very difficult to interpret or not easy to understand. An example of music that is easy to understand, we can see clearly that music can represent the feelings we want to convey to someone.