Moldy House Walls Harm To Your Health

There’s always mold everywhere you turn – in the air you breathe and on the many surfaces that you touch. Whether it’s black slimy stains on your bathroom walls or fluffy white patches on your kitchen floor, moldy homes are more than just a matter of beauty. To know home inspection cost, you can visit

Mold is unwanted, small, black, white, orange, green, and purple growths of organisms that can be found almost everywhere. Outdoor mold plays an important role in nature, cultivating dry foliage, plants, and trees. Mold survive in humid environments and reproduce by releasing small, light armies of spores that travel through the air.

Inside the house, mold is found as a result of surface condensation due to excess humidity, lack of ventilation, or low temperatures; insufficient steam or air circulation in the bathroom; or water leaks, such as from leaking roofs or pipes, rotten wooden floors, or floods. Common places for mold to grow indoors are piles of cardboard, window sills, rags, carpets, and walls in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry areas.

If you can see or smell a strong odor from mold in your home, there are health risks that could be present.

In small numbers, mold spores are usually harmless, but when they land in wet places in your home, mold colonies can start to develop. Some types of indoor mold are capable of producing very potent toxins (mycotoxins) which are fat-soluble and easily absorbed by the lining of the intestines, airways, and skin. These agents, usually contained in mold spores, have toxic effects ranging from short-term irritation – allergic reactions, ringworm, scabies – to weakening of the immune system and pulmonary bleeding.

Long-term exposure in a moldy home is unhealthy for every occupant, but some groups will develop more severe symptoms sooner than others, including infants and children, the elderly, individuals with respiratory conditions, and those with weak immune systems, for example, due to cancer, liver disease, HIV, or in/after chemotherapy.