The people who are not suitable for ayahuasca ceremony

The ayahuasca ceremony is an ancient method which has been developed since thousands of years ago. The amazonian tribe is always preserving their ancestor method, due to the ayahuasca healing treatment is actually one of the best healing methods in the world. It’s capable of healing the patient both physically and mentally, so there are so many people who have chosen this treatment to heal them. Sadly, there are some people who won’t be suitable for the Ayahuasca retreat ceremony. That’s why in order to help you to decide whether you should choose ayahuasca retreats or not, here are the types of people that won’t do well with the ceremony. Browse more about your highest truth now

The people who are looking for the easy way out

Ayahuasca is not a short cut. It’s not like the magical potions in stories, movies, or video games. It takes time and it has its own process to heal your body and mind. You can expect the best healing for addictions, anxiety, and several chronic diseases. However, it won’t heal you instantly. You need to do the ritual seriously and do everything you can in order to follow the guidance of the shaman, so you can get the best result of the ayahuasca ceremony to change your life positively.

The people who want to get high

Ayahuasca is not a drug! It’s definitely not to get a hangover or having some party at home with. You have to understand that this is a very sacred and ancient method, and if you’re not doing it carefully, you will pay the price. To put it bluntly, the psychedelic effect of ayahuasca tea is allowing you to take a journey into the realm of your own subconsciousness. Expect to meet Mr. Fear, Mrs. Your worst nightmare, and Sir anxiety when you’re entering it. When people are doing the ritual seriously, they will embrace all of those emotional problems with love and accept themselves in the end of the ceremony. However, for the people who are playing around, facing their own fear, anxiety, and nightmare in their true form can be a bad idea. You need to think more than twice before you use ayahuasca for getting high, and it can be very dangerous.